What do investors want to see in your sales strategy?

When going for funding, investors commonly look at your strategy to see if you have a model built for success. And in this economic climate, it has never been more important to showcase a watertight strategy detailing why your startup is sustainable and how you will implement the plan. A well-thought-out strategy has the potential to secure funding and point your company in the right direction. But what do investors want to see in your sales strategy? 


First and foremost, your sales strategy needs to be written in reality. It shouldn’t make predictions that are too unrealistic and aim for  targets too hard to achieve. Think long and hard about what your company offers and the market it serves. 

Look at the current economic climate and see if demand for your service holds the same weight as it may have previously. Your sales strategy shouldn’t be pessimistic, but it needs to be something you can execute, as well as a plan investors can believe in so that they invest. 

Resource talent the right way

Talent is vital for any company’s success, and you’ll want to start hiring sooner rather than later. Therefore, the talent section of your sales strategy will be significant as it lays out who will work for you and the skillset you’re going after. 

It’s good to be sensible here and show a thorough plan for the different hiring stages and the talent level you’ll need to move the needle. Consider the budgets required and which areas need high-level talent that will cost more than less experienced employees.

A sustainable model

Your model needs to show that it’s sustainable and will deliver growth in the long term. In the current climate, this is arguably the most important aspect, and it’ll play a major role in whether or not you can secure the needed investment from investors. 

If you can’t demonstrate that your offering has sustainability and can grow, investors will likely take a more cautious approach. When putting your sales strategy together, show them the company’s planned trajectory, breaking it down into steps and milestones that seem attainable and realistic. 

Show your commercial chops

Most investors already expect you to know what you’re doing commercially, even if it’s not necessarily your background. They’ll want to see that you can get a hold of the commercial aspect and know how to take the business forward with marketing and sales. 

If you’re not comfortable in these spaces, don’t be afraid to reach out for support from people with the know-how. Investors will be impressed that you had the nous to source the needed help to ensure your business is successful. It will bode well for your chances of investment. 

Don’t overestimate an investor’s experience

There’s an assumption that the people investing in your business know everything about the market. That’s not always the case, however. Many investors are looking for an opportunity to invest but don’t necessarily have experience in your industry. 

Therefore, you must demonstrate expertise to them and showcase how you’re well placed to drive the company forward in its sector. If they see that you know the ins and outs, they’ll feel more comfortable investing and are more likely to get behind your business. 

The right sales strategy

What investors see in your sales strategy can be the difference between winning essential investment and leaving a meeting empty-handed. Spend plenty of time ensuring your sales strategy hits all the right notes and is full of detail showing how you’ll be a sustainable business that can enjoy long-term growth. Do that, and it’ll be that little bit easier to secure the required investment to move your business forward. 

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