Unveiling the Art and Science of Sales

In the world of agencies and services, where sales often teeters on the edge of intuition and methodology, finding the perfect balance is key. 

As agency owners, we’re well-acquainted with the need for a delicate dance between gut instinct and a structured, consultative sales process. 

In this exploration, we’ll dive into the intricacies of understanding your sales process, decoding conversion rates, and the power of a well-crafted discovery script.

Understanding Conversion Rates: A Snapshot into Sales Health

Your sales process is the heartbeat of your business, and deciphering its nuances is paramount for growth. A recent examination of our own data revealed a 41.94% conversion rate from Discovery Call to 2nd Meeting. This stark statistic prompted a critical evaluation – are we fumbling at the Discovery Call, or are we not casting our nets wide enough for the right leads? 

Understanding HubSpot’s Reporting Limitations

Our journey into sales analysis brought us face to face with HubSpot’s reporting limitations. 

The starter version’s constraint to only showcase deals that traverse all stages can be a hurdle in identifying potential issues. 

For a comprehensive view, upgrading to Marketing Pro or Sales Pro is essential, allowing a holistic perspective on deals at any stage and revealing the nuances of stage-skipping.

From “Feelings-Based Sales” to Consultative Precision

Agency owners often rely on gut instinct, a phenomenon humorously dubbed “feelings-based sales.” While intuition has its place, embracing the science of sales through a consultative process is a game-changer. The cornerstone of this approach lies in preparation, captured in a well-structured discovery script.

Crafting a Consultative Discovery Script

The consultative sales process begins with meticulous preparation. A discovery script, whether a Google Sheet template or integrated into HubSpot Playbooks for larger agencies, is indispensable. Key elements to include are:

  • Attendees and demeanor for the call
  • Anticipated company challenges
  • Insights from website, LinkedIn, and Google searches
  • Initial observations
  • Potential objections
  • Relevant case studies or contacts

First 24 and 48 Hours: A Critical Window

Beyond the Discovery Call, the first 24 and 48 hours post-signing are pivotal. Clients form swift judgments during this window, shaping their perception of your agency. Reducing the time to value, minimising effort on their side, and offering a detailed roadmap instills confidence and accelerates the journey from prospect to satisfied client.

The Power of Value Visualisation

In a landscape driven by results, painting a vivid picture of your offering’s value is paramount. Incorporating an ROI slide provides a numerical representation of the return on investment, aiding clients in internal sell-ins. A timeline slide complements this, emphasising the quality and speed of implementation – often the clinchers for companies in the market for agency services.


Navigating the sales landscape for agencies and services companies requires finesse – a perfect blend of instinct and science. By understanding conversion rates, leveraging powerful discovery scripts, and enhancing the first 24 and 48 hours post-signing, agencies can elevate their sales game. Embrace the consultative approach, and let the art and science of sales pave the way for sustained success in a competitive market.

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