We help technical Founders of B2B tech companies get from Seed to Series A

Sales consultancy for Founders who want to get to Series A in the next 12 months


Convert More Leads

Acquire More Leads

Increase Lifetime Value

Growing Beyond Founder-Led Sales Shouldn’t Be A Mystery

Most Tech Founders don’t know how to rapidly grow sales after signing their first customers.

Without the practical skills and experience you need to grow a B2B sales operation, it’s going to cost you…

  • You won’t pitch to the right buyers
  • You won’t make your product a ‘must have’
  • Your deal close dates will keep slipping
  • Your sales team won’t hit their numbers
  • You won’t win customers consistently
  • You’ll see deal values go up and down
  • You won’t hire and have the best team
  • You won’t grow your existing customers

The Founders We Support Are

Pre-Seed Founders

You’ve built your initial product, raised your first funding and got your first paying customer and need more customers.

Seed Founders

You’ve now raised £1million+ and want to shift from Founder-led sales to a team-led model and build a proper sales operation that scales.

Series A Founders

You’ve raised £4million+ from professional investors and now want to build a seamless revenue operation so you can own the niche.

The 3Ps to Success


A smart value proposition allows you to select and sell value to your ideal clients.


Hiring, onboarding and training your A team will get you to the next level.


Install the right commercial processes to grow and get to the next funding round.

We understand when sales is not your main strength

Our best clients are Founders who are not from a B2B sales background

Betting on 1 individual to grow sales is too big a risk

Often we see startups concentrating their risk in the hands of three individuals:

The Sales Leader

The Founder

The Board Member

Invest in a company that gives you what you want, when you need it.

You don’t have to do it alone

Why we’re different

Our Expertise

We’ve worked with over 70 B2B Seed to Series A tech companies and have over 200 years of B2B sales experience within our team. And our selected software and services partners also provide additional resources you’ll need too.

Our Model

We use an award-winning two-week sprint methodology in every project managed by an Account Director delivering value even quicker than expected. And we never charge for time.

The Results

We’ve achieved an average revenue increase of 249% per client in this super niche over the last five years.

If you want to work with us, then it’s a simple three-step process


Share your challenges and goals with us and we’ll decide whether we can help you grow sales.


We’ll analyse your startup and advise what changes you need to make first.


Then we build your sales operation with your team and ensure it creates predictable sales.


How much time do you have to dedicate to this? Is this your core strength? Leading sales from Seed to Series A means managing the people, processes and partners for marketing, sales and customer success. There are so many moving parts and much greater demands on your time now.

If you’re smaller than £10k MRR/ £120k ARR without Seed funding then you’d probably get most value from our subscription service than our consulting service.

Yes, we help our clients with the sourcing, selecting and onboarding of marketing, sales and customer success people at an individual and management level.

For us it comes down to timing and do you know who to hire next? From our research, the majority of VPs of Sales stay less than 12 months and it takes so long to find the right one at this early stage. For more information on this topic check out our article.

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