Our Story

There are too many ambitious Founders, building brilliant products, that are failing at an alarming rate. More than 90% in fact.

That’s a huge amount of potential that goes to waste every year, along with the possibility of improving the lives of so many of their customers.

Throughout his career in B2B tech sales, our Founder and CEO James Ker-Reid had seen too many in the industry fail due to inconsistent sales and revenue, and saw they always struggled to understand why. There was a fundamental lack of support, and resources, for those who didn’t have the experience or bandwidth in growing predictable revenue.

James knew that there was a massive opportunity in understanding the mechanics of sales success at B2B tech startups, documenting that knowledge so it could be shared and supporting the next generation of Founders and CEOs.

He sold his shares in the tech startup where he was at, which had just closed a nine figure exit, and – at the start of 2017 – Sales for Startups was born.

Founders no longer have to accept that feeling of isolation and pressure as a fact of life. Founders no longer have to accept the struggle to reach every target, milestone or funding stage. James knew those same highs and lows well, and was determined to guide as many as he could along the path to predictable revenue.

Since then, we’ve had the privilege of supporting many ambitious tech Founders make a success of their startup.


of tech Founders don’t have
B2B sales experience


of tech startups make it from
Seed to Series B funding


startups from Pre-Seed to Series
C+ we’ve helped to date

Patrick Thorp, James Ker-Reid and Alice Smith

Our Vision

No B2B tech startup should fail because of a lack of commercial expertise. No matter what sales experience you may have as a Founder, you can still build a business that delivers predictable revenue and value to your customer base.

From new prospects to growing existing accounts, Sales for Startups helps you to

We also understand that the real cost of not doing this can be devastating – not just in terms of cashflow, but also the long term impact that it can have on the survival of startups. That’s why we’re committed to adding value, rather than seeing it wasted.


is spent on unsuccessful hires every year by companies <250 employees

Our Values

We know just how important values are to a company’s growth and culture, which is why we’re proud to share ours.

Fearless Transparency

Relentless Improvement

Meaningful Relationships

Collective Intelligence

It’s those values, standards and disciplines that keep us growing as a business. We’re able to better reach our potential, form close relationships and ultimately help our clients grow quicker as a result.