The Various Roles in Revenue Operations

Revenue Operations (RevOps) is a relatively new phenomenon, but it has actually existed for longer than workers give it credit for; it was perhaps just called something different.

Before we go into what the different roles are, it is important to outline what all of these roles are pointed at. Revenue Operations’ whose purpose is to offer a seamless customer experience and to strengthen customer relationships.

Revenue Operations is the department that sits behind the curtain and stitches together Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success. The reason for it being so important is that it is the department that not only blends these departments together, but the outcome is to drive growth through operational efficiency.

Within the department, there are four major responsibilities: Operations, Enablement, Insights, and Tools.


Use data to tell you where the gaps are. An audit of your profitable and not so profitable channels for demand generation, sales pipeline conversion rates, churn etc.,


What material can be produced to help the reps do their jobs better? Perhaps it being centralised and once updated by Marketing it propagates to the whole sales team. That’s cool and totally possible!


What is the data telling you? Furthermore, what can you do with this data? A great RevOps person can take this data set and then suggest solutions to improve it.


The Sales tech/Marketing tech/CX tech is a huge software sector and while there are cool tools, it is how they stack together which is key. Does it make your business more efficient by using new technologies?

In an ideal world, we would like to see a RevOps team have a VP at the helm and then maybe three Associates who are aligned to each of these three key departments, all responsible for the four key responsibilities of the RevOps team. This would cover all bases and have a very lean and efficient department. If you ran a two-week agile sprint, in 90 days you could affect serious change across three key departments, looking to achieve the outcomes of a highly focused and efficient revenue engine.

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