Building Better
SaaS Sales Operations
For Tech Founders

At Sales for Startups, we build and optimise sales and marketing operations for Founders of B2B tech companies so that they can produce predictable revenue, deliver extraordinary value and get further funding.

93% of B2B tech companies fail to reach Series A funding. We’re here to reverse that trend.

Sales for Startups is an award-winning consultancy that has assisted over 70 Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A businesses to rapidly scale their revenue operations. By leveraging our experience, we’ve helped them gain clarity in their strategy, gain confidence in their execution and get traction with their sales operations.


Average. Revenue Growth


Increase In Deal Value


Reduction in Sales Cycle Length

How We Help You Own Your Niche And Become The Category Leader

We’ve analysed over 200 common mistakes by tech startups who want to own their niche, all so that your business can avoid repeating them. We categorise them into three areas:




When we work with clients, we start by analysing these three Ps. That way, we’re able to develop an environment that grows sales, increases revenue and allows you to serve more customers.

What We’re Not

Commission Salespeople

We’re not freelance salespeople or commission-based salespeople.

Lead Generation Agency

We’re not an outsourced sales or lead generation agency that just gets you more leads.

Recruitment Agency

We don’t hire people upon request, only if it’s the right time and it matches your sales and talent acquisition strategy.

What We Do For You




Getting Your Business VP-Ready


We believe there is a sequence to success. There is a right and a wrong time to hire for senior leadership roles.

Sales for Startups enables Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A businesses to become VP-ready. We identify the critical building blocks that need to be installed in your tech company to transform you from Founder-led to a team-led sales company.

Toni Hopponen - CEO at Flocker

“We reached out to Sales for Startups as we didn’t know what type of salesperson to hire and how we might structure the commission. I’m thrilled with the results as I didn’t have experience in B2B sales, so I really liked how they showed us how to make the jump from Founder-led to sales-team led sales.”

Toni Hopponen

CEO at Flockler




Gain Clarity In Your Sales Strategy


You’re assigned one of our Chief Revenue Officers, who’ll work with you and your team to deliver a strategy and 90-day Game Plan for your startup – all in under two weeks. We offer different services depending on funding stage and your priorities.

Stephen Rice - CEO at TalentSensus

“The team at Sales for Startups provided us with clarity at a time when we needed to hit the reset button on our sales strategy. They helped us to refine our value proposition and focus our sales efforts in the right place. Delighted we took the decision to engage with them.”

Stephen Rice

CEO at TalentSensus




Gain Confidence In Your Sales Execution


Your Chief Revenue Officer takes that strategy and uses it to create a functioning sales and marketing operation, ensuring you have a clear proposition, the right team and processes in place. This support is also tailored to your specific growth stage and needs.

Eva Martincova - Global VP of Sales at Kpler

“Sales for Startups execution ability is first class. The honest feedback and mentorship we received has enabled our business to increase revenue, net revenue retention and decrease customer churn.”

Eva Martincova

Global VP of Sales at Kpler


The Best Bit?

Like our clients, we pride ourselves in leading our category. That’s why you pay for deliverables, not for time spent.


Not time spent

Our Reputation In The Industry

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