Thrive use advanced psychometric assessment to audit Fonn’s sales team

A successful sales manager will be well versed in the processes of performance reviews, target setting, and goal tracking, with assessments a key aspect of growth and development for sales teams. 

The aim of staff evaluations and assessments is to ensure someone has the desired abilities to perform in the role. In most cases, a standard process of recruitment or assessment that asks candidates how they meet the criteria is adequate. However, for high-growth startups, where performance can make or break a company, a deeper assessment can give greater assurance. 

Thrive’s psychometric assessments give objective scientific data helping businesses make informed decisions that save time and money by reducing risk.

Partnering with Sales for Startups, Thrive supported Fonn, the user-friendly management software for construction teams,  through a project to increase the depth and experience of their 10+ sales team across three primary regions each under different management. 

The advanced assessment measured the standard KPIs defined by Fonn and combined them with skills, aptitude, personality, sales, financial criteria, and Thrive’s data to achieve a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the whole company, each department, and each employee. Thrive also audited churn, revenue, and salary to determine the true losses and true value. 

The importance of assessment 


Psychometric assessments can help reduce the risk of inappropriate hires. Without these, hiring becomes more of a guessing game to fill an immediate need rather than an evolving role. 

Successful salespeople have a core set of characteristics. During the recruitment process, it’s crucial to identify those traits. 

What are the most important traits to you, as an employer?

  • Drive 
  • Confidence
  • A good storyteller
  • Active listening skills
  • Creative thinking 
  • Empathy
  • Honesty 

Current team

Assessing sales abilities should not be limited to the recruitment process. It is an ongoing, ever-evolving process to consistently monitor departments and employees. Only then can you fully appreciate where you are at and what measures you need to take to make the team more successful. 

The Thrive sales assessment evaluates each employee against the same criteria, which helps to determine the strengths and weaknesses in-house, and where additional training would be beneficial. 

The Thrive Assessment 

Fonn used Thrive to find out more about the skillset of each employee to design proper development plans across their UK, US, and Norwegian teams. Each location has to account for cultural differences, management styles, and regional customers. 

Thrive appointed independent sales managers to conduct the assessment from an objective and experienced perspective. The Thrive assessment scores each section out of 100 and determines how likely that person is to succeed within the company. The project ran for 2 weeks and Fonn’s bespoke assessment can be replicated for continuous monitoring and future recruitment. 

“The process with Thrive was efficient and tailored to Fonn’s needs. Time was taken to fully understand our company, our values, and main drivers, what we expect from the team, our mission, and how we’re currently performing.

“Once the assessment was created, Sales for Startups worked with Fonn’s Sales Managers to action the insights from the assessments, follow up and analyse the data afterward. Without interrupting the day-to-day operations of the company, we have been able to gather actionable insights to support our future growth.” Daniel Skotheim, CRO

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