Our Services.

We offer three core services, designed to help as many B2B SaaS businesses as possible: a sales and marketing audit, sales and marketing implementation and founder deal coaching.

Each service revolves around transitioning your business from a founder-led sales model to a team-led approach, with flexible levels of support from our team throughout the process. 

Sales & Marketing Audit

This is the first step in your growth journey.

To multiply your revenue, you need a clear strategy and plan. What got you here, won’t get you there.

Our sales and marketing audit takes a deep dive into your business. Whether you choose to action our recommendations yourself or employ us for the full implementation, you will have a clear, comprehensive and bespoke yearly strategy and action plan to follow for the next 90 days.

Sales & Marketing Implementation

This is the second step of your growth journey, following on from the sales and marketing audit. Our team will join you in-house to implement the strategy and plan derived from the audit.

No two implementations are the exactly same but the common objectives are:


  • Communicate the true value of our product to the right audience
  • Shorten the sales cycle with greater due diligence, questioning and value creation during customer conversations
  • Improve sales conversion by leveraging data, providing startup-specific marketing help and the use of the CRM
  • Increase deal value with smart strategies and pricing
  • Grow outbound and inbound lead generation
  • Create a clear renewal and upsell strategy with existing customers
  • Optimise your use of sales and marketing technology
  • Produce a sales playbook covering best practices across the entire process
  • Identify, recruit and onboard new talent

Founder Deal Coaching

Founders with less than  £1million revenue or £1million+ in funding need to sign a few enterprise clients. This isn’t an easy task for founders who are not from a sales background, and that’s where we can help.


Our founder deal coaching includes:

  • Weekly one-to-ones with a sales consultant
  • Slack support for key deal questions
  • Weekly review of pricing, proposals or RFPs
  • Weekly sales reporting and dashboard
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