Setting a new standard for SaaS sales growth.

As a B2B SaaS business founder, you undoubtedly have the vision. But do you have the sales strategy, people and processes needed to scale? That’s where we come in. We’re a sales consultancy that works quickly and methodically to take your business from a founder-led sales approach to a team-led model.

Who we help

Top 5 criteria shared by our best clients:

    1. Founder-led B2B SaaS businesses
    2. £1 million+ annual revenue and/or £1 million+ in funding
    3. Sales cycle longer than 3 months
    4. Founder isn’t from a tech sales background
    5. Wants to grow by 100%+ in the next 12 months

If this sounds like your business and you’re ready to supercharge your sales, let’s get the conversation started. 

Our credentials

Sales for Startups was founded by one of the Top 10 SaaS sales leaders in the UK, and we’ve had clients in the Startups 100 Index every year since 2017. Here are some more good reasons to work with us:


Average revenue increase in 12 months


Decrease in sales cycle length


Tech startups helped


B2B tech founders advised

Our Approach

Sales for Startups delivers in three stages:


Clear growth hurdles in 90 days, and construct your revenue engine’s v.2.


Optimise product-market fit, secure funding, hire the right talent, and implement efficient processes.


With our foundations in place, it’s time to accelerate growth and oversee the performance of your expanded team. As we progress, ownership will transition to your new leadership team, ensuring a smooth transition toward self-sufficiency.

“We got recommended to Sales for Startups by another tech founder, and we also got recommended to another local partner by our main investor. We liked how Sales for Startups challenged our assumptions and created a different growth strategy to what we thought we needed. The pace, detail and experience they brought to our sales operations was top draw. We’ve multiplied our revenue and moved from scrappy founder-led sales to a team-led sales operation within 12 months. I’m so grateful for their patience, dedication and results they brought to Fonn.”


“We lacked the enterprise sales skills and knowledge to create an effective sales model so were referred to Sales for Startups. I mean I’m a tech guy, and you don’t want a tech guy running your sales department. So they came in creating a plan and strategy that we could action and played a VP of Sales role within our business to ensure that the changes were implemented and taken up by the team. We’ve more than tripled our revenue, gained further funding and signed some amazing clients. It was the biggest investment we’d made in sales and it’s paid off massively for us.”


“We realised we needed a solid sales strategy and knew our own lack of expertise and experience as technical founders, and so luckily we found Sales for Startups. We asked them to do a sales and marketing audit of our business and within two weeks we’d already received the growth strategy and 90-day operating plan. Even after the first month, we noticed massive benefits and now we’re well on our way to transforming from a founder-led to team-led sales approach. They’ve really professionalised our approach to sales and marketing and helped us correct those blockers to revenue growth in record time.”


“Sales for Startups gave us new insights into our business. They not only created and implemented new processes but, crucially, made sure they were followed by becoming an active member of our team. We more than doubled our revenue in six months. It’s clear to me why they are the market leaders in startup sales consulting and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them”


“If you’re looking for sales consultants who really know their stuff you can’t do better than Sales for Startups. The team helped us build a sales operation in three months that would have taken us a year to do on our own. Their sprint methodology was a real gear change for us. We achieved so many things in a short time, from improving our messaging, website and pricing to hiring a sales team. Sales for Startups gave us the tools and the confidence to make those key changes, and as a result we have a solid platform to scale now.”


“Using Sales for Startups brought a real clarity to our sales operations and gave our team a lot of confidence. It’s been invaluable for us to have a sales expert and leader in our team and the results speak for themselves. If you’re looking for a sales consultancy in the UK who specialise in B2B tech sales, these guys clearly know what they’re doing.”


“I was impressed with how Sales for Startups went through a detailed assessment of our business and understood it so quickly. I’m super pleased with how they didn’t just do what I said and came up with an alternative growth strategy, which we implemented with fantastic results. Ultimately that’s why you bring in experts like Sales for Startups, to find the quickest and most effective way to grow revenue and then make sure you retain them so you get the most value over the long-term”


“Sales for Startups are really different from typical sales consultants. They went that extra mile to truly understand our business and added value at every turn. After our audit, we came away with some exciting ideas and actions that we could implement the very next day. They were a perfect fit for us.”


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