Founder deal coaching.

“Momentum begets momentum, and the best way to start is to start.” – Gil Penchina

This is the second step in your growth journey, It’s designed for earlier stage companies who need some support but don’t yet have the budget for a full in-house sales and marketing implementation.

For tech companies with less than £1million revenue or with less than £1million in funding who need to sign a few enterprise clients to scale. This isn’t an easy task for founders who are not from a sales background, and that’s where we can help

Our founder deal coaching includes:
● Weekly one-to-ones with a sales consultant
● Slack support for key deal questions
● Weekly review of pricing, proposals or RFPs
● Weekly sales reporting and dashboard

“Having an on-hand sales consultant who knew my business inside out was invaluable to me. We knew we needed to move away from our founder-led sales model and sign a few more enterprise clients to unlock team expansion.

Having someone in your corner, to raise your standards and provide quick advice on how to close key deals was something I’d recommend to any tech founder.”

David Howorth, Co-Founder at Avvoka


   Invest in a sales consultant to help you close key customers for just £5,000 pcm.


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