How to move from Founder-led sales to a team-led approach

The only training you’ll ever need to scale your revenue, and your sales operation sustainably - all while creating a team of leaders.

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Find the secret to scaling your B2B tech startup

You have successfully established a B2B tech startup that has witnessed significant growth during the initial stage and has received substantial funding from investors. Now, you intend to scale it up further, aiming for unprecedented growth, and reduce your reliance on external funding.

But here’s the problem:

  • You’re doing most of the heavy lifting
  • You’re relying on Founder’s sales enterprise
  • You have a team of workers, not leaders
  • Your time is stretched and you don’t have any bandwidth
  • You don’t have a growth framework to take you from 100% to 1000%
  • You’re struggling to find your target audience
  • You’re not able to sustain sales growth every quarter

If this situation sounds familiar to your business, this training is designed for you.

This is the same system we’ve used to scale 45 B2B tech businesses with less than £2 million to hit their revenue targets within 12 months. 

Here’s what our clients have to say about us

Discover how your business can achieve incredible results through this training. Here are just a few examples of the success other businesses have experienced.


“Sales for Startups have brought real clarity to our sales operations and given our sales team a lot of confidence already. The results speak for themselves. They clearly know what they’re doing and it’s invaluable for us to have.”


“Right from the start, the workshops were insightful and gave us clear recommendations on how to build the foundations we needed. Sales for Startups have taken an active role in developing the right processes to maintain the momentum we’d gathered to push towards our goals.”


“I was impressed with how their methodologically unpicked our business and how they understood it so quickly. Right from the start, the workshops were very insightful and gave us clear and concise recommendations on how we could double our turnover.”

What will you learn in this free training?

This process works. Our aim is for you to leave today with new tools and resources that can assist you in building a tech business, even if you’re a techie who is unsure when it comes to sales. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve your real objectives.


Find your target audience

Embed the right processes that help you scale 

Assemble a winning team

Maximise your output with tools & tech

Sustain sales momentum every quarter

Integrating our T.E.A.M.S. Growth Framework

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose access to this training after some time?

No. There’s no limit to how many times or for how long you can access the training. 

Why is it free? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch! Here at SFS, we are building a community designed to helping each other succeed. We firmly believe in sharing ideas and learning from leaders like you, contributing to better business practices, and empowering startups to break free from relying solely on external funding to survive. 

What if I’m not good at Sales and Marketing?

That’s totally fine. This training is designed for professionals from different backgrounds and with all levels of knowledge of Sales and Marketing. 

Do I need to have a team in place already?

No. This training will benefit you whether you have a team already or not.