What does a career path in Revenue Operations look like?

by Patrick Thorp - January 14, 2021

Let us define what Revenue Operations is. RevOps (for short) is the department that stitches together Marketing, Sales and Customer Success. It focuses on the Engagement, Execution and Expansion stages of converting a stranger into a customer, and the operational efficiency of doing this.

There are typically four areas to concern yourself with in RevOps: Operations Management, Sales Enablement, Insight and Tools. Being focussed on these four constituents will allow any RevOps individual or team to leave no stone unturned.

In software lexicon, RevOps is quite a new term but the time to consider this as a full-time role will be when you feel you may have too many tools, your process is broken and/or you are not aware of what is working and what isn’t.

To be successful, in RevOps, you should have held a role in a revenue generating capacity before moving to RevOps. The reason I think this is that you are responsible for creating a better environment in which revenue can be generated. If you have never generated revenue before, then how can you advise on ways to decrease sales cycles, increase ACV, increase win rate, increase the number of MQLs, etc.?

Therefore, an individual should have ideally been a VP of Marketing, Sales or Customer Success and even held positions in two of the 3 departments (Sales and Marketing for example). This is not to say that folk with an operational background cannot be good, more that if one of the pillars of RevOps is Sales Enablement, how could you fully understand how to help salespeople sell more if you have never sold anything?

One final key area for a RevOps individual to be adept at is communication. Consider this, if you new to the RevOps space and have to build consensus with the VP of Marketing, VP of Sales and VP of Marketing and have never done one of those roles or ever have been in any of those departments, how can you expect to achieve buy in to get initiatives over the line with 3 key stakeholders that will all have very different personalities?

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