The power of core messaging in your sales strategy

“So, tell us what you actually do?”

Customer confusion occurs when your business fails to articulate the product or services which ultimately results in the customer failing to make a purchase. 

In order to articulate your proposition you must first look internally and ensure that all your employees understand the company vision. Research shows a staggering 63% of employees don’t have a clear understanding of what their company is trying to do and why.

Fear not. The confusion is not the problem; it’s your messaging. 

In other words you need to align sales, marketing and customer success before you can think about telling the public the problem you solve. 

Creating effective marketing messaging is one of the biggest challenges we see B2B tech Founders grapple with. But, done right, you will be able to communicate a strong brand identity to the right people and finally convert more loyal customers. 

There are four fundamentals to messaging. Let’s begin:

Company distinction 

What sets our business apart? What are your unique selling points (USPs)?

81% of consumers said they need to be able to trust the brand to buy from them. The teams that go above and beyond to impress their customers and deliver on that promise at every opportunity will have the most success. 

Complete an honest competitor analysis to determine your strengths and weaknesses as well as your current market position.  

Company vision

What are you trying to achieve?

This is not about your internal goals of generating more leads, or becoming profitable. Think about the problem your company solves. Today’s hyper-connected consumer is interested in the brand behind the product and service. They’re drawn to globally conscious, ethical companies with a purpose. 

Company target

Who are your customers? What are their needs?

In the same way you need customers to understand your goal, you need to understand your customers. Use your data to gain actionable insights from your existing customers and balance this against who you want to target, and then create content that speaks directly to these people and directly aligns to your customer journey. 

Company story

What is the story behind the founding of your business?

Share details on where the idea for your business came from, what you’re doing now and where you want it to go. Making your business personal will resonate with your audience. 

When you’re creating business collateral, whether that’s emails, phone calls, articles or social media posts, your messaging strategy will guide you towards what to focus on and what tone of voice to use. Your messaging should be shared with your sales, marketing and customer success teams. 

For help with the topics discussed in this article, please feel free to explore our resources and book a call with our Founder James Ker-Reid to get your messaging clear. 

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