Restructuring a sales and marketing team post Series A to deliver revenue consistently.



Shepper offers business asset checks and multi-channel data collection across multiple industries, allowing checks on any asset in any location. Ben Prouty, CEO and Co-Founder was a serial entrepreneur but within B2C, with businesses Streetcar and Lovespace. Shepper hired a Head of Sales and Marketing to help plug the gap in their B2B sales and approached Sales for Startups to take the business “from a scrappy sales operation to a process-driven machine.” Ben wanted to identify what key industry verticals to focus on, grow a high-performing sales team and reduce lengthy sales cycles.



Through consultation and data analysis the Sales for Startups took the nine existing vague target industries the business was targeting and drilled into three key target opportunities: property, media and retail. We trained the team on appropriate value statements tailored to each. We helped re-structure the departments for more efficient sales processes and set up a managed recruitment campaign for SDR and AE roles. As part of the process we created an improved commission scheme and approach to targets for both current and incoming reps. On top of this, we installed a customer advocate programme to increase referrals and upsell rates, and improved lead generation processes.



  • Increased deal value by 123%
  • Assisted in signing key deals like L’Oreal, Hostmaker & Smartrenting
  • Re-aligned the management structure
  • 3 Months to Scale
  • Doubled company revenue

“Sales for Startups have brought real clarity to our sales operations and given our sales team a lot of confidence already. The results speak for themselves. They clearly know what they’re doing and it’s invaluable for us to have.”


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