Sales Strategy

Crafting a winning sales strategy is the first step towards gaining clarity around how to deliver predictable revenue at your startup and, more importantly, how to do it quickly.



Outlining what’s needed to kick things off


Your Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) begins by gathering the necessary data and insights from you and your team:

  • Founding team goals and key milestones
  • Sales and marketing system data
  • Sales and marketing collateral
  • Financial and customer invoice data.

Only by learning about where you are today, and your ambitions for the future, can we start to piece together the opportunities for growth at your startup.


What we do with all the information shared


We take this varied insight and embelish it further by doing the following:

  • Industry and competitor research
  • Financial and invoice data analysis
  • Sales and pipeline data analysis
  • Guided and tailored strategy workshops

These strategy workshops are often the missing piece when it comes to understanding the full picture at your business, and an opportunity to engage with your wider team.


What deliverables we commit to sharing with you


Our goal is, within two weeks of the final strategy workshop, to provide you with:

  • A Sales Strategy document that includes analysis of your business against The Three Ps framework
  • A 90-Day Game Plan, broken down into two week sprints that contain clear deliverables
  • A strategy and plan review call with your Chief Revenue Officer to walk through the two documents

Having gained clarity of your business and the work needed to drive success, we can focus on the next phase. That next phase, which we call the Sales Model, is the point at which our most successful clients start to gain momentum. This is where we take that 90-Day Game Plan and lead the implementation of it ourselves.

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