Sales for Startups get Generic Robotics investment ready with a 90-day plan

Sales for Startups started working with Generic Robotics with one main goal in mind: Get investment-ready.

To achieve this the work was broken down into a 90-day plan with three key actions: 

  1. Build a pipeline of opportunities to showcase how both software and hardware are ready for market. 
  2. Conduct market research and get validation from a credible third-party that demonstrates market opportunity. 
  3. Define Generic Robotic’s proposition within the new market. 

In terms of creating objectives, we worked with Generic Robotics to shortlist the most urgent priorities during the analysis and workshop process. In terms of agreeing on the objectives, we focused on five key criteria: Pitch, Pricing, Structure, Lead Generation, and Sales within what we know as the Three-Ps: Proposition, People, and Process.

We accelerated their existing results by creating a successful framework that leverages any extra insight and amends where necessary. 


Previously, Generic Robotics delivered on project-based work with little room for scalability or ease in repetition. The senior team expressed an interest in bringing both the software and hardware propositions to market and demonstrating how Generic Robotics can service any project. 


Engaging investors can be intimidating for entrepreneurs especially if they don’t have prior connections. Working with Pre-Seed to Series A+ startups we have collated our top tips for pitching and winning over potential investors

Every time you pitch you gain valuable feedback that can be used to refine your presentation and increase your chances of receiving investment from your ideal investor. 


Pricing is important since it defines the value that your product is worth for you to develop and for your customers to use. 

Getting the pricing right can be tricky, but changing markets and expecting the same pricing model to fit isn’t practical. We know that you need customer knowledge and market understanding. 



Having a great product is only part of the value proposition. Investors need to know that you have the right people and expertise to achieve success. 

This is not an overnight process, understanding the tasks associated with the running of each function of your startup within the new niche market can take months. Using our experience we were able to formulate a structure for Generic Robotics within the first couple of weeks. 


Lead generation 

Generating leads is essential for any business to succeed, but for startups moving into a new niche can be an especially difficult challenge.

Low competition and your own set of loyal customers – sounds wonderful in principle but the reality is not quite that simple. Niche marketing throws up a unique set of challenges including: 

  • A smaller number of customers/prospects.
  • An initially small number of opportunities.
  • Ensuring the message is heard.


Sales for Startups developed a sales strategy and operational plan for Generic Robotics that improved their sales conversions with clarity and predictability that can scale beyond the 90-day plan. 

If you’re a B2B Tech Startup undertaking an investment journey and in need of some assistance, download our 90-day template and get in touch with the Sales for Startups team.

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