7 tips to improve sales performance

We know all too well about cliched sales mantras, such as ‘there’s no “I” in team’. But without a high performance from each rep, your sales team doesn’t operate to its capacity. That means you need top performances across the board. And in this guide, we’re bringing you seven tips to improve sales performance for the whole team. 

1) Have a sales playbook

Many sales reps fail because there is no structure when joining the team. In order to be successful in your industry, you need to build a proven sales playbook first, scaling the sales team after the playbook is successful. Sales reps can then execute against the playbook, boosting morale and getting the right results for everyone involved. 

2) Organisation is key

Keeping everyone in the team focused is no easy feat, but it’s essential for improving sales performance. If your team isn’t taking the right strides to achieve their tasks, disappointment will ensue. Help with their organisation by asking team members to walk you through workflows so you can potentially suggest improvements or see if they’re on the right track. 

3) Champion collaboration

Sales teams struggle to exist in isolation, so it’s good to provide synergy between other teams and the prospects you chase. That’s right; fostering a culture of collaboration goes further than internal players. Working with prospects builds better relationships and gives you and the team more insight into their problems. Your leads are key players in helping sales reps avoid underperformance

4) Embrace sales reporting rolls

You can’t go wrong with sales reporting tools. They provide more clarity about how individuals perform and your team as a whole. With sales reporting, you can drill down a variety of metrics to better understand the areas where sales reps may need some extra help. A sales reporting tool is essentially your third eye and gives you in-depth insights into sales performance and the business at large. 

5) Refresh your sales strategy

Remember that playbook? What worked at first will need constant fine-tuning and refinement to ensure it stays relevant in its vertical. Regularly reviewing your playbook keeps things fresh for your sales reps and ensures everyone keeps evolving. You can measure results against the earlier versions of the playbook and watch your team thrive.

6) Set goals above job expectations

You need high energy to be in sales, and ambitious professionals typically fulfil these roles. Therefore, you should set goals that allow them to go further than breaking their sales targets. Doing so can keep team members working hard and even leave some wiggle room if they fall short. 

7) Celebrate your wins

When a sales rep achieves a win, take a moment to celebrate it. Careers are filled with ups and downs, and it’s good to acknowledge both. Improving weakness is necessary, but so is recognising the good moments and celebrating the success of both individual reps and the team. 

Top-notch sales reps

Consistency is the key to improving your sales reps’ performance. By following the tips in this guide, you can put the foundation in place for a high-performance culture that sees reps going above and beyond to surpass their targets and put the business on an upward trajectory.  

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