Sideways 6.

Shortening the sales cycle and moving from a Founder-led to team-led approach to sales for their enterprise software sales team.

Sideways 6


The Sales for Startups team began a deep dive into the sales and marketing data, which together with discovery workshops highlighted some key issues:

Sideways 6 had a 3% conversion rate from lead to sale
– Their sales cycle was 9.5 months long
– Their proposal rate was only 16%
– Structure, responsibility and productivity of the sales team needed addressing

Sideways 6


With the goal of achieving £1million ARR, we recommended the business refocused their targeting, reducing the number of target industry verticals from seven to three. We also worked with them to update their positioning and sales collateral.

Team structure was another area that we addressed in order to drive results. We encouraged them to promote their highly productive Sales Development Rep (SDR) to Account Executive (AE) and restructure the team, as well as hiring an additional SDR and AE.

Sideways 6 needed to draw out a clear sales process management guide that clearly labelled which and when activities were needed to ensure they provided an excellent buying experience for prospects and enabling the sales team to deliver more consistently.

Sideways 6


  • Doubled the average deal value in 6 months
  • Total revenue increase of 348% in 6 months
  • Reduced the sales cycle from 9.5 to 4 months
  • Qualified pipeline to find £2.5 million waste
  • Increased proposal win rate by 42%
  • Increased lead to close rate by 125%

“You gave us insight into our business that we hadn’t had previously seen in the last two years. Sales for Startups made sure that those newly created processes were lived, adhered and followed. We’ve more than doubled our revenue in 6 months and I’ve been really pleased with the results.”


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