Fonn create project management and compliance software for the building trade.

Case Study Highlights

At Sales for Startups, we tackled Fonn’s challenges head-on, addressing a sharp decline in sales and high churn rates. By closely analysing data, reassessing the sales team’s approach, and refining sales strategies, we successfully steered Fonn back to growth. Our efforts focused on key markets, enhancing sales efficiency, and dramatically lowering churn, which collectively drove a significant uplift in annual recurring revenue.


Increase in average deal value


Increase in Annual Recurring Revenue


Growth in productivity



At the time of beginning work with Sales for Startups, they had successfully received a few rounds of Seed funding, were operating in Norway, the UK, and had branched out into the US.

The issues they faced included a reduction in sales across the organisation, with overall sales down by 53%, coupled with difficulty finding traction and successfully onboarding new clients; with churn being worryingly high, despite a very strong product.

They requested a “sales playbook which would help their team to sell more successfully.” During our initial assessment phase of engagement, it became clear, however, that this would be of limited value if we did not also address core elements of the proposition, personnel issues and reporting. Ultimately having the right team for the journey is one of the keys to continued success.



We focused on the following areas:



“To understand alone is not enough, implementation is so important and ongoing support with this phase was essential to our transformational success. We would not be in the strong position we are in today at the end of 12 months if it weren’t for Sales for Startups. I would tell any Tech CEO who asked me, ‘can you afford not to do it?’”


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