Series A

We work with Founders who want to own their niche and have more scalable operations.



The typical obstacles at Series A startups


We know that generating more scalable revenue is a fundamental growth driver for Series A companies. The challenges in doing this effectively can often be down to:

  • Unclear on how to merge sales, marketing and customer success
  • Unclear on how to onboard new hires quickly to improve ROI
  • Unclear on the right hires for senior leadership roles, such as VP of Sales

With more funding, you as the Founder need someone to make sense of it all and take accountability. We own this for you while finding your next, permanent sales leader.


Our Strategy Premium service & ongoing Sales Machine support


Take a data-led approach to owning your niche and raise your next funding round. Our Strategy Premium service includes:


  • Full Revenue Data Analysis & Modelling
  • Geo-targeted Marketing Prospect List
  • Full Churn & Propensity To Spend Analysis
  • 3-Day Strategy Workshop

+ CEO Dashboard, Sales Strategy Doc & 90-Day Plan 📨


We then execute this through our Sales Machine support, focussing on key metrics such as increasing your deal value and volume, as well as selecting and onboarding your next VP of Sales to build upon what we have created.


Your path to further funding


Through our Strategy Premium service & ongoing Sales Machine support, we can conquer many of the obstacles at your stage by having:

  • Owning a niche that services multiple industries
  • Effective talent onboarding, including a permanent sales leader
  • Integrated sales, marketing and customer success processes.

You’re now in the strongest position to convert a greater volume of customers, generate predictable revenue and secure further funding for accelerated expansion.

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Looking for a summary of the typical challenges you need to overcome at Series A stage? Download our guide.


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