We work with Founders who want to grow from signing their first few customers to a much larger customer base by getting more predictable sales.



The typical obstacles at Seed startups


We know that getting more predictable sales is a critical step up for Seed businesses to demonstrate. The complexities in doing so often boil down to a few things:

  • Unclear on how to niche their proposition
  • Unclear on how to build the right sales and marketing team
  • Unclear on how to decrease the sales cycle and quality of leads.

That means that you, as the Founder, take on the responsibility of getting your first hires right – both in terms of selecting and onboarding. We’ll make sure you spend time in the right places.


Our Strategy Pro service & ongoing Sales Model support


Find out where the gaps and opportunities are in your sales operation and build a strategy that creates predictable revenue. Our Strategy Pro service includes:


  • Sales & Marketing Data Analysis
  • Competitor Research & Review
  • Customer Invoice Report Review
  • 2-Day Strategy Workshop

+ Sales Strategy Document & 90-Day Game Plan 📨


We then execute this through our Sales Model support, which includes installing a repeatable sales and lead generation process, as well as selecting and onboarding new hires.


Your path to Series A funding


Through our Strategy Pro service & ongoing Sales Model support, we’re able to overcome your challenges together by having a:

  • Niched value proposition to consistently attract leads
  • The right sales and marketing team
  • Efficient sales and marketing processes.

You’re now in the best place to convert even more customers, generate even more monthly recurring revenue and able to secure further funding.

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Looking for a summary of the typical challenges you need to overcome at Seed stage? Download our guide.


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    Find Out How To Create Predictable Sales

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