We work with Founders who are looking to demonstrate their proof of value by helping them sign their first few customers.



The typical obstacles at Pre-Seed startups


We know that getting customers is the single biggest priority for a Pre-Seed business. The difficulties in doing so often stem from a number of reasons:

  • Unclear on what your unique offer and target market is
  • Unclear on what your sales process should be
  • Not confident on how to balance sales and lead generation activities.

That means that you, as the Founder, take on the main selling effort in order to make headway. We work directly with you to secure those all important early customers.


Our Strategy Lite service & ongoing Sales Coaching support


We help you get absolute clarity on what you need to do next to sign your first few customers. Our Strategy Lite service includes the following:


  • Sales & Messaging Review
  • Pipeline Review
  • 1-Day Workshop

+ Your 90-Day Game Plan 📨


We then execute this plan through Sales Coaching, which includes weekly deal coaching and sales meeting whilst keeping you accountable to your 90-Day Plan so that you can secure those new customers.


Your path to Seed funding


Through our Strategy Lite service & ongoing Sales Coaching, we’re able to overcome your challenges together by having a:

  • Clear and unique value proposition
  • Clear and effective sales process
  • Consistent support to optimise Founder-led sales

You can now convert leads into customers, generating more predictable revenue and able to secure further funding.

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Looking for a summary of the typical challenges you need to overcome at Pre-Seed stage? Download our guide.

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