At Sales for Startups we work with Founders of Pre-Seed to Series A B2B tech companies.

We work with Founders who don’t come from a typical SaaS or software sales and marketing background. We work with anyone who currently has paying customers and has secured external funding.

Typically we work with Founders who have 5-35 employee businesses, who are unsure on how to capture their niche, which people to hire next or how to get more predictability in their sales and marketing operations.

We are a results-driven consulting company. Which means we don’t ask for you to pay for time but instead for progress. Through leveraging expert sales strategy and planning, we then optimise and build up existing sales and marketing operation so you have a platform to scale and hence get an extraordinary return on investment and shorten the time it takes to raise the next round.




We know that getting customers is the single biggest priority for a Pre-Seed business. The difficulties in doing so often stem from a number of reasons:

  • Unclear on what your unique offer and target market is
  • Unclear on what your sales process should be
  • Not confident on how to balance sales and lead generation activities.

That means that you, as the Founder, take on the main selling effort in order to make headway. We work directly with you to secure those all important early customers.




We know that getting more predictable sales is a critical step up for Seed businesses to demonstrate. The complexities in doing so often boil down to a few things:

  • Unclear on how to niche their proposition
  • Unclear on how to build the right sales and marketing team
  • Unclear on how to decrease the sales cycle and quality of leads.

That means that you, as the Founder, take on the responsibility of getting your first hires right – both in terms of selecting and onboarding. We’ll make sure you spend time in the right places.


Series A


We know that generating more scalable revenue is a fundamental growth driver for Series A companies. The challenges in doing this effectively can often be down to:

  • Unclear on how to merge sales, marketing and customer success
  • Unclear on how to onboard new hires quickly to improve ROI
  • Unclear on the right hires for senior leadership roles, such as VP of Sales

With more funding, you as the Founder need someone to make sense of it all and take accountability. We own this for you while finding your next, permanent sales leader.


The Best Bit?

Like our clients, we pride ourselves in leading our category. That’s why you pay for deliverables, not for time spent.


Not time spent

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