Sales Strategy & Plan

The most effective way to create a sales strategy and 90-day plan.

Don’t let your inexperience and uncertainty affect you. Enlist Sales for Startups and allow us to give you clarity and direction in just 2 weeks.

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Analyse your metrics

Get clarity on your numbers with in-depth analysis of all your sales and marketing data.

We’ll examine your marketing, lead generation and sales process and forecasting accuracy; also your customer growth rates, churn and lifetime value.

We’ll review trends in customer invoices and team performance.

Activate your understanding

Participate in remote or in-person workshops to unlock the real value in your 3-Ps: proposition, people and process.

With so many team members saying different things, it’s time to focus and bring clarity to the company.

Accelerate your strategy

Receive a sales strategy with 3-5 key recommendations on how to accelerate your revenue in the shortest time possible.

We’ll tell you what changes you need to make and why to increase sales rapidly.

Amplify the rewards

It’s not just about what to do, it’s knowing when and what to do first. We’ll provide you with a 90-day action plan split into 2-week sprints, with objectives and required actions to achieve your sales strategy in record time.

Find Out How To Create Predictable Sales

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