Sales Model

Developing your sales model and gaining confidence in your proposition, people and process are the foundations on which to build your high performing revenue operations.



Continued momentum from the previous Sales Strategy phase


Your Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) will be armed with a signed off Sales Strategy document and 90-Day Game Plan, and leverage their sales experience and leadership to successfully implement it at your business. We establish this successful implementation by:

  • Ensuring your CRO has undergone a vigorous vetting and recruitment process beforehand
  • Matching your CRO profile and personality to that of your startup, to verify suitability
  • Leveraging the collective intelligence and feedback from the 60+ businesses we’ve worked with.

Our CROs are never alone on a project, as they bolster their own experience by crowdsourcing opinion from the other established sales leaders at Sales for Startups.


How we go about executing against the 90-Day Game Plan


Equipped with a two-week sprint methodology, as well as incentivisation based on deliverables completed rather than time spent, your CRO develops the foundations of your sales model by:

  • Spending (typically) three days a week dedicated to your startup and team, often in person at your office
  • Notifying you as and when deliverables are completed via the Asana project board used to track progress
  • Sharing a 75-Day Retro with you to ensure all is running to plan and highlighting any potential blockers.

The deliverables executed always stem from the pre-agreed Sales Strategy document and 90-Day Game Plan that focuses on your proposition, people and processes – but allows for flexibility should the landscape and priorities of your business shift in that time.


What deliverables we commit to sharing with you


Our goal, within three months of starting the second phase, is to have delivered the following:

  • A revised value proposition, validated against your target market, personas and existing customers
  • An optimised sales structure with clearly defined roles and responsibilities necessary to deliver growth
  • A streamlined sales process that starts with your lead prospecting engine and approach.

With your business and team now gaining the confidence to deliver real results, we can focus on the next phase. That next phase, which we call the Sales Machine, is the point at which our most ambitious clients begin to realise rapid growth. This is where the foundations we’ve developed can start to be built on and progress is accelerated.

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