Sales Machine

Only once you have clarity in your strategy, and confidence in your model, can your business start to get traction and deliver rapid growth.



Continued momentum from the previous Sales Model phase


Your Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) will have gone through the first 90 days of implementation with you by this point, meaning that the fundamental priorities around proposition, people and process improvements will have taken place. Next, we build on this momentum by:

  • Identifying opportunities for growth in new and existing accounts, as well as additional markets
  • Accelerating the onboarding of any new hires needed to ensure value is being added quickly
  • Optimising existing behaviours from the Sales Strategy & Model and adopting new standards.

The specifics of these optimisations can vary depending on the priorities for each business, but there are often a number of similarities when it comes to turning your business into a well oiled sales machine.


How we build on the foundations to drive commercial success


As we start to convert more leads into customers at your startup, we can begin to optimise where we see real opportunity. Your CRO continues to be the driving force behind this, with initiatives such as:

  • Capitalising on additional lead generation channels, such as indirect and partnerships, to increase revenue
  • Recommending pricing improvements where necessary based on changes in customer behaviours
  • Improving contract management to decrease sales cycle, increase cash flow and maximise effeciency

With a clear strategy and confident team, these initiatives have the greatest chance of success in delivering predictable revenue at your startup. With that, we begin to look to the future and creating a succession plan for onboarding your own, permanent, sales leader.


Leaving your predictable revenue engine in capable hands


Our goal, within six to nine months of starting this third phase, is to have delivered:

  • A sales playbook and the best practices needed to continuously grow predictable revenue at your business
  • A high performing and energised team ready to be led by your permanent sales leader we help you hire
  • The full funnel management processes needed to take a prospect from lead to advocate

From this point on, your startup has the best chance of success and can match the ambitious plans you have for it. We take a huge amount of pride in watching your progress, and can move to a Sales Advisory role, should you need it, in supporting the transition to your new sales leader.

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