Phase 3.

Sales Advisory

(For existing clients only)

Sales Execution

Developing your sales model and gaining confidence in your proposition, people and process are the foundations on which to build your high performing sales operations.



Used most often by Founders of Pre-Seed startups


You’ll be armed with a 90-Day Game Plan that our Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) creates with you, and they’ll leverage their sales experience and leadership to help you successfully implement it. We do this by:

  • Weekly deal coaching
  • Weekly sales meeting
  • Being an accountability partner for your 90-Day Plan

Together we’ll ensure that your sales process is fit for purpose, in order to allow you to secure those all-important first few customers.


Most popular choice for Seed companies we support


It’s at this phase that we begin to develop the foundations required to gain confidence in your proposition, people and processes. Our CRO will manage the implementation of this themselves, by:

  • Drawing up an ideal prospect list
  • Creating a unique pitch for prospects
  • Refining your pricing
  • Installing a repeatable sales and lead process
  • Select & onboard 1-2 Sales/Marketing hires

It’s through this that we’ll be able to refine your value proposition, get your pricing right and hiring the best talent to form your sales and marketing teams.


What deliverables we commit to sharing with you


At this level, we’re laser-focused on ensuring you have sales operations that can scale effectively. Our CRO continues the momentum gathered previously by:

  • Validating your niche & positioning
  • Increasing your deal value and volume
  • Getting the right sales, lead and nurture process
  • Installing onboarding excellence & playbook
  • Hiring our successor, a full-time VP of Sales

Our Sales Machine support takes your existing revenue operation to the next level by joining your sales, marketing and customer success processes together to increase revenue and secure further funding.

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