Sales for Startups provide you with the ability to build your sales volume, expand sales capacity and increase revenue.

What We Do For You

We offer a comprehensive three-step process to help determine and implement the best sales strategy for your business. You’ll initially be given a consultation to help us better understand your proposition, people and process. This will give us a clear foundation to build a bespoke sales model on. We then help you to plan for real business growth and equip you with the tools and knowledge to sustain your success into the future.

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    Average revenue growth = 117%
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    Timescale = 6-8 months
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    Series A-C Companies

Sales Machine

After Building Your Sales Model, we have witnessed the following objectives as the keys to sustainable revenue growth:

  • Build your commission plan for your team
  • Create account growth plans for existing accounts
  • Produce accurate sales forecasts for leadership and board
  • Design an optimised referral programme
  • Implement the best sales technology for your team
  • Hold regular sales standups and meetings
  • Construct personal progression plans for all sales team members
  • Improve sales handover between Marketing and Salespeople
  • Examine global expansion and partner opportunities for your tech company
  • Select and onboard a full-time VP of Sales to takeover the sales machine
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    Average revenue growth = 71%
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    Timescale = 3-4 months
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    Seed Companies

Sales Model

After signing your first landmark customers, you have an appetite for growth and the need to enable others to sell for you.

From our experience in moving from Founder-led to sales-team led sales, we have witnessed the following objectives as the keys to sustainable revenue growth:

  • Identify bottlenecks in your business and define your sales strategy and 90-day action plan
  • Advise on your packaging and positioning to ideal clients
  • Decide on the best sales team structure
  • Manage a recruitment campaign for needed sales hires.
  • Setup a scalable lead generation process
  • Implement a proper and streamlined sales process
  • Establish clear and easy to understand pricing and contracts
  • Design a proper sales onboarding programme for new hires
  • Produce a sales playbook to improve conversion amongst sales hires
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    Average revenue growth = 33%
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    Timescale = 2 weeks
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    Early Stage Startups

Sales Strategy

For early stage companies, who have a need to work out where they can improve, what are the answers to some key questions around their proposition, people and process, you can get a clear sales strategy from us. This includes:

  • Analysing your existing sales and marketing data to highlight the real causes of slow or lower than expected growth
  • Holding a 1-day workshop to correlate the data with live insights on your people and proposition.
  • Within 2 weeks receive a sales strategy with key recommendations on how to increase your revenue quickly.

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