Three Must-Have Assets For B2B Tech Companies

In today’s competitive landscape your startup has to be able to stand out from the crowd. Having worked with over 70+ Pre-Seed to Series A tech startups we know what the sequence to success looks like.

The tech startup challenge: profitability vs growth

The Guide To Creating A Value Proposition

What’s included

  • Identify your target customer and persona
  • Describe intelligently how you help companies
  • Create a business case and display your USPs.

Sales Structure

The Guide To Choosing A Sales Structure

What’s included

  • Compare and contrast different sales structures
  • Hire the most important hire for your structure
  • Assess and select the best salespeople and leaders.

Asset 3

The Guide To Mapping A Customer Journey

What’s included

  • Connect your sales and onboarding journey¬†
  • Create value for customers after signature
  • Explain value creation to existing customers.

Each asset includes a free video guide from our CEO & Founder, James Ker-Reid.

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