What is sales enablement?

by Patrick Thorp - October 27, 2020

Gartner defines sales enablement as “the activities, systems, processes, and information that support and promote knowledge-based sales interactions with clients and prospects.” In short, it is the practice of helping sales reps do more, with less.

One of the most frustrating things about being a sales rep is not being able to locate the right piece of information, case study, pricing document, etc. when the prospect needs it, and this is what sales enablement strives to fix. It is the link between Sales and Marketing, encouraging a much deeper level of alignment between these two functions, and ensuring that the sales team has what they need to close more deals.

The journey of sales enablement starts with digital content marketing. I say this because this makes members of the marketing team understand what content is required at which stage of the buyer journey and therefore are able to structure the content around this, making sure that this particular piece of content moves a prospect from one stage to the next and it is what they need.

Once the content at each stage has been agreed upon, it is important to house that content in a central repository, which ideally would be dynamic and if changed centrally, would propagate to all presentations, decks, etc. This is easier said than done but there are some companies that can help do this.

At bigger companies, there can be a fully independent role of Sales Enablement Manager but with slightly smaller companies, it may be jointly owned by Sales and Marketing (i.e. taking two members from each department and forming a committee) to help drive adoption and alignment. What I would also like to recommend is that a C-level member of staff is included on this committee to help drive urgency and commitment from other key stakeholders.

Consider resources like Zendesk, Outreach or Seismic. All great companies that will equip you with the necessary resources to create a great Sales Enablement team and strategy which in turn, will encourage greater sales given you are responding with content that the buyer requires at their stage of purchasing to move them further down their process and hopefully become a very happy customer.

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