Top 5 Inexpensive Sales Technologies For Salespeople To Become More Productive

by - November 22, 2018

There are so many tools out there for a salesperson to follow or to test and iterate and I reckon that you do. What I strongly recommend first though is you have some of these sales technologies in play before you optimise them and go the whole hog.

I know that this could be unpopular advice as I’m not recommending that you spend £150-200 per month on a full-service technology. I believe that as I cited in my previous LinkedIn Post in explaining the “moving train technique” – The Number One Hack For Tech Entrepreneurs To Accelerate Results In Their Marketplace. There are clearly some fundamentals that you need to get in place before you optimise and splash out on some funky new kit.

Top 5 Inexpensive Sales Technologies:

  1. HubSpot Sales Professional
  2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  3. Zoom Pro/Business
  4. MeetLeonard
  5. Lead Pages Or Eventbrite

If you are a technology company then you won’t have a massive sales operation until you are a series B or even series C operation. Some of these don’t even have more than 10-15 salespeople. A lot of the sales technology scales at the point of 10+ people selling. Otherwise it is either prohibitively expensive or simply inaccessible.

Hubspot Sales Professional

For an under 100-person company in my belief you should be using HubSpot Sales Professional. A couple of major reasons – it has the sales nurture system with templates and workflows that you can create campaigns, track open rates, click through rates. No need for another technology or marketing automation tool. It has also has basic lead capture forms. You also have open notifications from key prospects. And finally it is really affordable if you got to HubSpot Startups, you can achieve a 90% discount on your monthly fee.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This is now a must for a sales professional for two reasons it helps you keep track of key activity within your lead and account bases in one easy to consume place. Secondly it’s search capability is 10x stronger than the free version and has no limits on the amount of searches that you can perform in a month. Also an added bonus is that you can review your Social Selling Index (SSI) to see whether it is increasing. You want it to be in 80-90 golden range to ensure that you are at the top of your connection base’s attention. Additionally the InMail feature can be leveraged to form part of a combo-prospecting strategy for those high-value customers you are currently prospecting.

Zoom Pro or Zoom Business

This is probably the most intuitive and easy to use online conference call provider with recording capability. It’s cloud storage is incredibly useful especially and with an html link to access the full recording. Zoom is also affordable and much less than some of the other competitors out there on the market. The mobile app also is useful with its automatic dial in feature, with no meeting codes or passcodes for those times when you don’t have Wi-Fi. Zoom Business is only for those that have a minimum of 10+ users and has some added features like call transcripting too.


This is a LinkedIn bot, which makes messaging campaigns to both new connections and existing connections easier. It is a Chatbot and AI-enabled engine to help you communicate at scale on your LinkedIn. It is better than Dux-Soup as you can send more messages, you can automate more responses. It’s almost like having an out of office for LinkedIn and you can do profile views too. It also has a CRM so that you can save your templates so that you can revisit and reuse them. Sales Navigator is needed to run MeetLeonard.

Lead Pages or Eventbrite

I have put both down here as those that are not as tech-savvy and not au fait with creating landing pages. You can overcome this challenge by using an Eventbrite page. As salespeople we should be holding at least monthly or at worse case quarterly events to educate our audience on the biggest trends, mistakes, secrets or new practices that we have seen work at other companies or clients. It’s free to sign up and the mobile app, including the Organiser app is incredibly useful for mobile check-in when the attendees start turning up, no more ticking off the list.

I know there are so many more clever tools that are available but for me these represent the fundamentals. It probably goes without saying but to enhance these applications you want a smartphone Android or iPhone. A decent laptop with chrome browser is a must as many of them have plugins straight from your email, calendar and buttons on your browser.

What have you found as the fundamental sales technologies you’ve used that you couldn’t go without on any given day?

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