Sharing The Joy Of Winning With Others Feels Incredible

by James Ker-Reid - July 14, 2017

Often people have told me many times how amazing it is to win as a team. I agreed with this sentiment although didn’t truly understand it.

Now with running my own consultancy I have found that there is another level of joy to be experienced. Winning as a partnership is even more unique and mesmerising than when just winning within your team. This means helping your clients win big and when they do, it is completely unmatched.

As a former full-time and employed front-line business development and account management professional, I was always tasked with winning new clients and growing existing accounts. This seemed pretty straightforward and a directed role. I couldn’t work out what was not motivating for my team members or my direct reports. At times it seemed like that there was a sense of detachment between the company and its Sales staff.

In the role of an advisor and consultant, my role is very different. We’re advising on multiple aspects of the business in order to increase operational efficiency, revenue growth and profitability at tech startups. This is not in truth what the gambit of a salesperson is in for most companies. The operational efficiency part of a salesperson’s responsibility is certainly undervalued. In my opinion, there’s almost no other role within a company that stretches the capabilities and operational output more than that of a salesperson.

What other roles put your team under so much pressure to perform with such little time?

This often happens because the economic advantage is not only great for the company but also for the salesperson. Moreover though, the finer point to focus on is what information and intel can our business development and account management professionals garner that could help us improve our products, services and operations. This comes back to the objective of Sales professionals – continuously add immense value to prospects and clients. This nature of being eager to please and looking at ways in which we can improve our service to our end clients should be captured in a feedback loop, reviewed, delegated and actioned.

Furthermore, when advising tech startups who are looking to gain commitments from large companies, we often see them forgetting to value the critical information that they are receiving in each sales pursuit and won’t normally record of all their learns along the way.

What is this greater level of joy?

I have found that the experience of winning new clients while playing an advisory partner role to London’s tech startups is unparalleled. Not only does a big win bring a sense of relief, jubilation, and a sense of fear within startups; it also brings complete respect for the individuals’ roles played in such a pursuit and an immense sense of gratitude and ultimately self-pride. This heightened euphoria and sense of real progress and growth is one that seems very different when advising companies to when you are full-time employee.

We often hear as well talk about win-win scenarios for our clients when in Sales roles but often this is not really the case and often is in fact a discrete bargaining exercise.

In the case of this article, I really wanted to open up the debate as to why this imbalance seems so widespread within Sales teams across major corporate companies and how fledgling startups can learn from the mistakes of others.

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