by - September 14, 2019

Series A Funding: When A Bit Of Success Can Be A Dangerous Thing

Securing Series A funding is an indisputable cause for celebration. It’s a big win, a milestone, full of optimism and the potential for success.
However, there have been many tech entrepreneurs who tripped up while riding the wave of Series A funding. As with lots of big breaks in life, it’s easy to become over-inflated, believe the hype and make considerable mistakes. There are potential pitfalls that are easily overlooked when you’re flying high.

It’s vital to stay grounded and not get over zealous. Be composed, think things through and make changes gradually.

After watching this cycle unfold countless times, Sales for Startups has identified common errors made in the aftermath of securing significant funding.
Addressing topics like recruitment, market profiling, realism and perspective, marketing continuity and alternative planning, our eBook 7 Mistakes Tech Companies Make After Securing Series A Funding’ offers important practical considerations to future-proof your business and not fall victim to your own success.
Be prepared for the long haul. Success is not a destination, it’s a journey.

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