Series A Funding: Details Matter

by James Ker-Reid - September 17, 2019

“Details matter, it is worth waiting to get it right.”

Steve Jobs

 There is wisdom in knowing when to accelerate forward and when to operate a little restraint. After securing Series A funding, there is a temptation to charge full steam ahead; to treat it like a steroid injection and behave as if the cash will burn a hole in the business’ pocket.

It’s easy to understand why we might fall into this trap. Suddenly there are the means to implement long-awaited developments and many tech entrepreneurs are the sort of people who want it done now, right now, or yesterday even.

Patience is most definitely a virtue here. Change is a crucial component needed for true evolution, but it shouldn’t be forced.

Whether thinking about recruitment and salespeople, target audience and marketing activity, leads and prospects, or making operational changes, there are potential pitfalls of not taking action a step at a time, using the company’s natural momentum.

It’s important to stay grounded, consider each action carefully and do the leg-work. Sadly we’ve seen tech start-ups fall victim to their own success and undo their hard work by being too over-zealous after they’ve secured Series A funding.

For a breakdown of the most commonly made mistakes made by tech startups who have secured Series A funding, take a look at our latest eBook ‘7 Mistakes Tech Companies Make After Securing Series A Funding’

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