Co-Founders Corner – Episode 17: Sales Mistakes for Technology Consultancies

by - September 11, 2018

The latest episode of Co-Founder’s Corner;

Key areas on where technology consultancies are often under-performing

In this latest video we’ll be discussing about how a technology consultancy often under-performs. For me there are quite a few key areas that I look at technology consultancies where often I spot they’re under-performing.

  1. Misalignment with incentives on and winning client fees.
  2. Technology consultancies often don’t sing their successes of their clients to the open market, so they’re not publishing success.
  3. No open visibility of project tracker during engagements.
  4. How you can consistently log opportunities that come from the multitude of sources within a project.

I’d love to understand from you how you are tackling the error of under-performance and how you excel your success within a technology consultancy.

Please comment below, I’d love to discuss it with you.

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