Sales for Startups partner with Thrive to cut down the likelihood of making a bad sales hire

by James Ker-Reid - October 28, 2021

If you have followed the Sales for Startups journey to date, then you will be aware of the challenge to getting your recruitment right, and the potentially devastating repercussions for getting this wrong.

Part of our ongoing commitment to the Founders we support is to provide access to the very best expertise. We continue to expand our partnership network to ensure that we connect with specialists in every field. We truly believe in the power of collaboration and the value of specialisation.

On that note, it is with great pleasure that I introduce the latest company to join our partner network: Thrive. Thrive unlocks enterprise science, on-demand to solve the hiring challenges of startups. Trusted by SMEs, Thrive has conducted over 30 million candidate assessments across 90 countries, in 40 different languages.

The first tests of this kind were developed at the University of Cambridge in the 1880s, and in the years that have followed, psychometric testing has expanded to cover two broad areas: cognitive tests and personality tests.

Thrive’s assessments provide measurable, objective data that can give you a better all-round view of a candidate’s suitability.

Psychometric testing offers ‘scientific’ credibility and objectivity to the process of recruiting, which is often led by pure gut instinct. It ultimately provides a more fair and accurate way of assessing a candidate, as all applicants will be given a standardised test.

When it comes to staffing your startup, the price is high. In fact, your hiring decisions are vital to the success and upward trajectory of your startup.

“We’re delighted to join the Sales for Startups Partner Network and continue to enable tech Founders to understand, evaluate and expand their teams. Together with Sales for Startups we can re-define how technology businesses improve company performance.”

Emma Hatto – Co-Founder & Commercial Director, Thrive

“With this partnership we can offer our clients and tech community further access and expertise to a proven selection methodology and a way of analysing existing talent, so we’re delighted to welcome Thrive to the Sales for Startups partner community..”

James Ker-Reid – CEO and Founder, Sales for Startups

The importance of making sales recruiting a priority

1: Hiring the right people is transformative

You cannot transform unmotivated or unwilling employees into top performers. Regardless of the amount of training and development opportunities you provide. You need to hire for personality and train for skills.

Effective recruitment and selection of salespeople is critical to the survival and development of your startup. Without the best team, you could be eliminated through tough competition in today’s market.

2: Success breeds success

Your profitability is based on the successful sale of your products or services to customers. And who deals with these customers? Who finds them, nurtures them, and closes them? Your salespeople.

Sales personality types aren’t just important for knowing whether a person will make a good salesperson, they will also drive their selling methods. Every company is unique and your hiring algorithms should be too. With Thrive you pick further assessments from a wide range of available modules to suit your company’s requirements and define the salespeople who will succeed in your environment.

3: Use science to be objective

Unconscious hiring bias can lead to bad hiring decisions and as humans, we are hardwired to make quick decisions, judgements and misplaced assumptions. The right assessments give you objective scientific data helping you make an informed decision that goes beyond any CV or hiring manager.

Thrive ranks candidates based on an overall score. A proprietary backed, scientific formula validates the candidate’s overall suitability, gathering all assessment results into just one score. Then you can drill down into each candidate to see the breakdown of how they performed.

You can’t afford to get it wrong

Recruiting your sales team takes a lot of time and energy. Getting it wrong is extraordinarily expensive. Thrive’s research shows that one bad hire can cost your business £50,000. It can be argued that no business can afford to lose £50,000 on a bad hire, but for a startup that could end your company.

Getting it right can mean you’re on the way to repeatable growth and success. Increase your sales and productivity with Sales for Startups and be consistent, fair, ethical and rigorous while saving time and money in your recruitment selection with Thrive.

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