Revenue Operations vs Sales Operations – what’s the difference?

by Patrick Thorp - September 3, 2020

You may have heard of Sales Operations before. Perhaps uttered in the same breath as Sales Enablement which focuses on the tech and equipment salespeople need to help them sell better? Great companies like Seismic are crushing it in the sales enablement space, as are many others. But what about its slightly more mysterious cousin, Revenue Operations? Why is this important and how is it different?

Sales Ops considers CRM engagement and other sales tech stacks to make the salesperson’s job easier. But RevOps looks at the whole customer journey and looks at ways that efficiency and effectiveness can be achieved across Marketing, Sales and Customer Success. From the Awareness stage all the way through to the Renewal stage, RevOps purpose is to increase pipeline throughput and sales velocity by taking a data-drive approach.

RevOps is there to de-silo these 3 departments and in a world where businesses are always striving to be better and offer a great customer experience, RevOps can give you this intelligence into the real value of a customer from when they first visited your site, to what content they engaged with, to how many activities it took to close them, how happy they are, to what other products did they buy from you etc, etc. The clear advantage of this function is that it enables strategic decisions around Go-To-Market to be made with a data underpin which in today’s competitive landscape is an absolute must.

There are some similarities between Sales Ops and RevOps. What is right for your company is going to depend on the size, lifecycle and age of the company but let me put it this way. RevOps gives you full visibility across your entire business and it brings together Marketing, Sales and Customer Success in order to reduce friction, increase collaboration and ultimately, increase revenue. According to Hubspot, 78% of B2B tech companies struggle with the problem of consistent revenue growth. Get this RevOps in place, you could be one of the 22% that really make it!

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