Why Not Having A Client Focus Really Hurts You

by - July 14, 2017

When first starting a company or even wanting to grow a company, it’s very easy to become distracted. This could be chasing down the development of a new product line, a new prospect, market or even a new partner.

In the case of startups having a clear client acquisition and partner strategy is very important. In startups, it is even more important than in larger businesses. Not only because in startups, your team members have to perform multiple roles due to resources but also simply because there is nowhere to hide and hence having a focus and executing on those plans makes perfect sense.

There I’m going to briefly touch on a couple of steps that are critical to getting you aligned to your objectives and being successful in your Sales pursuits.

1) Define Your Ideal Client

If you want to win gold medals, you have to train and think like a gold medallist but more importantly you have to know how the gold medallists act and ultimately what makes them gold medallists.

If you don’t know who your ideal client is and why they are your ideal client, you are never going to sign them. And if you get lucky enough to hit the jackpot just by sheer chance, you will almost do anything and everything to sabotage the success or run away from the responsibility.

When coaching startups, we found that defining and knowing your ideal client, their profile and nature was a fundamental key missing when wanting to expand. The spray and pray approach was very painful and limited in its effect.

2) Where does your client go for information? 

For some this question is completely bedazzling. They think why would I need to know where my client goes for information. Well, I don’t want to surprise you but in order to be credible in the client’s eyes they need to be familiar with your brand and company.

How challenging is it to buy from someone you don’t know? Do you opt for the known or the unknown when you are under pressure or busy?

This common human behaviours are areas that you need to consider when going out to find, select, persuade and close your first big deal. The common areas that they will go to absorb information on your topic will be the top social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), industry websites, rating or review websites, trade associations or events and taking advice from similar professionals in their network.

You have the opportunity to influence your decision makers when marketing and selling to them by the information that you distribute daily.

3) Define Your Value Proposition 

There are two schools of thought when it comes to how and when you need to define your value propositions. For example, Jill Konrath claims that you need to define your value proposition each time, whereas Jeb Blount states that you can create a common value proposition to help you achieve your goal of engaging the prospect.

In our opinion, we believe that you need to do both. For the sole reason is that you first have to perform prospecting to multiple ideal clients before you often get the chance to really show your bespoke and unique value proposition. It would be counter-productive to spending so much time on a customer where you had not even entered into a proper conversation with.

Once you are engaged with your ideal client, you can certainly craft a unique value proposition to that customer.

We teach our clients that really having an understanding at first of the industry common value proposition is important and then secondly crafting a unique proposition in line with their challenges will result in huge results for your company.

This is not an easy exercise and will take hard work to complete.

In summary, at startups we are all trying to play so many roles all at once in order to achieve far-reaching objectives. Having a client focus will really add energy and momentum to your quest to achieve these objectives.

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