How to build a selection engine for hiring the best salespeople with Teamtailor

by James Ker-Reid - October 13, 2020

Every year, more than £125,000 is wasted on unsuccessful hires by companies with less than 250 employees. Why?

When it comes to hiring the best salespeople for your startup, how you select your candidates in the first place is a vital step in the process – one that, if done correctly, can help reduce the risk of that financial burden.

Join us for an online interactive session with one of our partners, Teamtailor, where we’ll be discussing the practical steps you need in your recruitment process to maximise your return on investment as quickly as possible.

  • Tuesday 20th October
  • 14:00-15:00GMT
  • Live!

We’ve got the pleasure of sitting down with our friend Fredrik Mellander, Head of Partnerships, who’ll not only share his insights but take us into the Teamtailor product itself to see examples of the tools you can leverage today.

Sign up via the link below to register for the online event or feel free to reach out directly to us if you need any more info. See you there!


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