How is Technology Used In Sales?

by Patrick Thorp - September 15, 2020

The Sales technology domain has rocketed with new entrants in the last few years; so many different propositions all solving unique challenges, with healthy competition coming in amongst vendors. A trap that many of us, whether you are rep or leader, fall into is getting a demo or being wowed by a new vendor with their new features and so you want to shoe horn this into your stack because it’s cool! However, do you need it? Consider these 3 areas before you purchase anything new:

  1. What is it that you need this tech to do for you? Oftentimes, defining the problem you are trying to solve is the hardest bit. Finding the solution is relatively easy once the challenge has been identified and framed appropriately.
  2. Try and pick technology that works together. A lot of tech is open API anyway but technologies that have been designed to work together often can save you serious headaches in the long run. For example, if you use Salesforce and need a conversational intelligence platform, Salesloft would certainly be one to consider.
  3. Finally, don’t buy something that is promised, or is “on the roadmap” or “will be ready once we get you set up”. It won’t be and this is what we call being sold vapour-ware. Only buy the tech once it exists.

To give this a worked example, let us consider a category of sales technology products: conversational intelligence. My view is that this is one of the most important tools for sales leaders. How to create a contact, a company, a new deal and other CRM processes are important, but to be able to judge the effectiveness of your reps questions, how they respond, their objection handling skills and the questions the prospect is asking, moves you from what you think would be useful to coach the rep on, to having the insight on areas of development they need to be coached on based on data.

A CRM is often your most important tool for any sales organisation. There are lots of processes that more detailed articles can offer on how best to do this, but once this is in place, really consider conversational intelligence platforms like Salesloft, Gong or Refract. Your job as a leader is to increase the effectiveness of your reps/team. Use this sales technology to help you do this.

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