by James Ker-Reid - October 8, 2019

Growing Your Sales Team Following Series A Funding

Hiring can be a significant trip hazard after securing Series A funding.

Maybe you’ve been fantasizing about what you can do once you have a bigger sales team in place? Or dreaming of the customers you’ll win with a team of high-achieving sales executives?

Once your business gets its essential cash injection, the temptation is to go into recruitment over-drive. Triple your sales team overnight and employ people who will relieve all the tasks unsuited to your current skills-base.Many tech start ups, at this point, don’t have the infrastructure or onboarding processes to make best use of a rapidly expanding team.

If you’re hiring before you’ve thoroughly understood your target audience, or are taking on a VP of Sales when two major clients make up 90% of revenue, you may need to rethink your approach. Recruitment is just one theme in a whole host of common mistakes made by tech startups when they secure Series A funding.

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