by - August 10, 2018

Co-Founders Corner – Episode 9: Sales Performance

The latest episode of Co-Founder’s Corner;

3 key areas on how to review your Sales Productivity 

Episode 9 from Co-Founders Corner, we’ll be reviewing how you calculate the productivity of your salespeople.

There are so many areas and ways in which you can calculate the productivity of your salespeople, and there are endless formulas.

Here are my 3 key formulas that will be helpful, whatever stage you’re at:

  1. Look at analysing your reps with the sales acceleration formula.
  2. Look at your sales load cost, which is a calculation to look at the productivity of your reps, in terms of revenue versus their cost.
  3. If you’re in that 500K to five million mark, you need to measure the average deal value, the close rate, the volume of reps, and ultimately, how they are progressing month to month in their activity.


I’d love to find out what kind of formulas you use to discuss your productivity of your salespeople. Leave any comments below, we would love to know your thoughts.

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