Co-Founders Corner – Episode 12: How Do I Incentivise My SDRs

by James Ker-Reid - August 21, 2018

The latest episode of Co-Founder’s Corner;

A couple of key areas on how to incentivize SDRs 

In the latest video from Co-Founder Corners, we’ll be discussing how to incentivize SDRs.

So there are a couple of key components when trying to decipher how you’re going to incentivize your SDRs.

  1. Look at the differentiation between appointments booked and opportunities created and having a boiling base target for that number. My recommendation in enterprise sales is probably in the region between eight to 15 qualified opportunities being created each month.
  2. Look at some incentive and normally a commission based incentive on the back end or the close of the deal. So that could range anywhere between half a percent to about three percent of the deal value.

When looking at SDRs look, at the behaviours you’re trying to drive.

  1. Initiation – Obviously the volume-based target helps with this.
  2. Is the support during a deal cycle until we get to the close.

This means that we’ll get premium quality coming through our SDR function for our AE’s to close up those opportunities.

I’d love to find out more about how you incentivize SDRs within your team and within your technology company.

Please comment below, I’d love to discuss it with you.

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