Co-Founders Corner – Episode 6: How to be the Airboss

by - July 31, 2018

The latest episode of Co-Founder’s Corner;

The profile of an enterprise salesperson!

Welcome to the latest episode of Co-Founders Corner, and today we’ll be discussing the how to be the airboss.

Now, I didn’t create this phrase of the airboss, and I have to attribute it to my old friends at Appirio. What this means in a sales process is that we’re constantly reviewing and being the conductor and the reviewer and the instructor during the process. Sometimes that doesn’t mean we’re doing every single activity.

A couple of things to being the airboss:

  1. Understand your customers’ pains! Take that pain into business case and getting validity on that business case.
  2. Having a clear sales process in which you can navigate the complexities of the enterprise buying cycle.
  3. Review and document every learn during the process.

I’d love to hear more from you about how you’re the airboss, the general, the conductor, call it what you like. Leave any comments below, we would love to know your thoughts.

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