8 Sales Automation Tools Transforming the B2B Sales World

by Patrick Thorp - September 10, 2020

Sales technology grows at a rate of knots. There are some serious standalone applications and services that can transform your business and can automate your whole operation. I have broken down what I feel are some useful tech’s to consider into 4 major categories: Prospecting, Opportunity Management, Proposals and Customer Success – or the whole customer journey if you will.


Perhaps the salespersons least favourite part of the job but right now, even more necessary. Let us assume that you have nailed your ICP and you have some customers, then look at ocean.io as a way to unlock data from your CRM. It will use its algo to group similar companies together based on what that company says they do on their website. Next up, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is clearly a great resource. It really does help your efforts.

Opportunity Management

Video is a great way to engage prospects. Vidyard enables you to incorporate video into your prospecting efforts, be hyper personalised and humanise you in the eyes of your prospect. Next up is Hubspot Sales Hub which creates a great kanban interface for you to maintain deal velocity by understanding where deals are stalling and the ability to diagnose where problems and their solutions may lie to keep deals moving.


Betterproposals.io is a great service that has recently undergone a facelift. An easy way to create nice looking proposals that integrate with Hubspot and keep everything up to date. Panda Doc is also a good option for those wanting to create great looking proposals that can be hyper personalised which is what we all want.

Customer Success 

Grid is an Icelandic company that helps you create beautiful (their words!) web documents from Excel spreadsheets; let’s face it, Excel spreadsheets are dull to look at but the info is interesting. This is a way of making it less dull to go through. Asana is a great project management tool which can be used in place of an Account Plan. If you have QBRs with your customer or End of Year reviews this is a great way of tracking your customers goals and helping them break them down into actionable steps at how they are going to achieve their goals.

Bonus Category – Integration

Some of these techs stack together to create your workflow. However, some don’t. This is where you are going to need a few tools to help. Zapier links everything together without the need of an API. Very cool and great for automation. Tray.io also does something similar but is a little more techy and for architects who really want to get under the hood, this is something to consider.

Your sales technology stack is going to be limited by how each piece of technology communicates with each other. If they are not open API based, try an integrator. A relatively inexpensive way to get you that coveted process of all mundane and manual processes automated with only a peppering of human interaction when required.

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