5 tactics to make your B2B Sales Strategy work

by Patrick Thorp - October 13, 2020

If you are in sales, it is getting harder and has been for quite some time; buyers are more savvy, conducting the bulk of their research online, often in a position to know what vendors they want to deal with having never even spoken to a rep.

However, this doesn’t mean quotas are still unobtainable, moreover, it means that there needs to be a constant focus on what really matters: delivering immediate and continuous value from seller to buyer. It may seem counterintuitive to do this but if you don’t, your competitor will, so you need to get used to it, going that extra mile, until the deal is done.

Keeping what really matters in mind, focus on these 5 tactics to ensure quota attainment and revenue goals are met:

  1. Focus on the basics. To poach Pareto’s law, 80% of sales is in the basics, so research, meeting prep, active listening and building connections. I get the sense this has been lost recently so if you are a Sales leader focus on doubling down on these areas, with the 20% being the natural flair and flexibility reps are afforded in your sales process.
  2. Be authentic – ensure that as a seller you are communicating to the buyer that whilst you would love their business, it is a collaborative effort and you have to work together to get the deal over the line.
  3. Be outcome focussed – instead of focussing on calls made, focus on meetings booked. Instead of focussing on features offered, focus on business outcomes attained. Buyers buy the outcome, not the flashy feature so remember that.
  4. Improve your sales enablement pack by developing your content library. 95% of buyers picked a vendor that provided them with ample content so time for marketing to step up and get creating by plugging gaps in the library.
  5. Finally, ensure Sales and Marketing are aligned. Perhaps with the adoption of internal SLAs between the two departments to make sure leads are being passed over, and the right leads, that sales can follow up with. The outcomes of this alignment is brand awareness goes up, ACV goes up and so does company revenue – sounds like a good initiative to incorporate.

Point 5 is easier to write, harder to implement. So to address that point, try this workflow that I have seen implemented effectively:

  • Marketing create content around a specific challenge or pain-point
  • Marketing share the content with our salespeople
  • Marketing and sales share the content through email and social media
  • Salespeople take the content and create a PowerPoint presentation to use in a webinar
  • Salespeople invite all leads that downloaded the content to a live webinar

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