4 of the best sales enablement tools available today

by Patrick Thorp - October 29, 2020

The Sales enablement space is growing all the time with new entrants coming into the market, snapping at the heels of the bigger, more established players in the market. I am going to discuss 4 here, trying to offer some guidance on which are best depending on your type of business.

If you’re an SMB, try HubSpot Sales Hub 

HubSpot started life as inbound specialists. They have grown to such an extent that they have managed to take some market share off the bigger CRM juggernauts, Salesforce and Microsoft. They have designed their UX so that you can very often find what you need and their Academy is stacked full of great content for how to be more effective in sales. If you need a helping hand in how to create content, how to schedule its release and the types of content you should be publishing to help drive traffic into your funnels, HubSpot should be your go-to option. One particular feature I like is the Customer Service/post-sales support you get, being replied to very quickly and efficiently.

If you’re MM, try Outreach or Mindtickle

Both great tools, and both have the feature of live presentations i.e. if a new figure was released by the company and you wanted to update all decks of all your field reps, a marketeer at central HQ could update the main document and this change would propagate to all field reps. Both softwares have a slightly different, slightly clunky website but once you are over this slight issue from a CX point of view, both platforms are very good.

If you’re an Enterprise, try Seismic

Seismic are one of the bigger players in this sales enablement space and have attained impressive market capture. Their big thing is being able to produce sales enablement strategies at scale, ensuring that all content is updated and circulated to enable reps to concentrate on selling.

There are other softwares one could have a look at but the decision should be made taking note of the type of companies the above work with and what works for you and your business. Another important aspect is to check the software you selected integrates with your CRM via open API or if you have to use an integrator like Tray.io.

Sales enablement and its associated technologies is here to stay which I only see as a positive. The more reps can do (i.e. close more deals) with less content, or needing to search for the right content but are unable to stumble across it is a pain point that all of these vendors are looking to solve and your decision on which vendor to go with should revolve around how large of a business are you and what strategic initiative you are trying to achieve.

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