Customer Success Story: WM Reply


Day workshop completed


Top practices that needed to be actioned


Day plan implemented

WM Reply is an experienced digital consultancy specialising in Microsoft Sharepoint and Office365. WM Reply builds world-class intranets, websites and social networks for some of the largest companies globally who want to enhance their digital and collaborative tools in the workplace.

Andrew Ground
Richard Acreman
Director at WM Reply

The Challenge

Seeking to optimise sales efficiencies

WM Reply had grown consistently year on year since its inception, although had started to feel that the over-reliance on its senior leadership team for new business and for client revenues had reached a critical point. It was looking at ways in which it could optimise and increase efficiencies within its sales operations in a short-term.

Why us?

Gaining the clarity to take the next step

WM Reply had been recommended to us by Sideways 6, a client of ours, who was one of WM Reply’s Microsoft social collaboration partners. WM Reply had struggled to get clarity on all of their existing commercial operations and believed that both the fact of running 2-day workshop, and the deliverables of the Sales MOT report and analysis would give them clarity and enable them to take a step back, review and commit to necessary changes in their business.

The solution

The 2-day workshop

Analysis – we held a 2-day workshop with their senior leadership and drafted in project members into the relevant sessions. Key areas of focus for the team was their sales process, the working relationship between project managers and consultants and their business development and key account management practice.

The results

Ambitions and sales practices matched

WM Reply understood how large the delta was between their teams ambitions and their sales practices. The clarity and openness of the report showed them what particular sales practices were broken and what were the top 10 practices that needed to be actioned in the next 90 days. They also had further insight on their digital marketing practices and sought to hire the correct individual based on outcomes, activities and skills needed for the Marketing Manager role.

Richard Acreman, Director at WM Reply

A word from the director

“Sales for Startups impressed me with their knowledge of consultancy model and the key elements needed to make a business and sales operation successful. There was a lot of knowledge share going on in our workshop sessions and they certainly challenged our thinking and gave us immediate recommendations for implementation within weeks of our workshop.”

the next step

Feeling inspired?

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