Customer Success Story: Sideways 6


Revenue since going retained


Increase in average deal value


Year-on-year growth in invoiced revenue

Sideways 6 helps large companies to innovate and engage by listening to ideas from their employees. With integrating with leading enterprise social networks like Yammer, Facebook and Slack they are able to both capture, select and implement the most valuable ideas within large companies.      

Andrew Ground
Will Read

The Challenge

A change in sales environment

Sideways 6 had moved from a Founder-led sales environment to the present day where its sales activities are led by the sales team. This organic maturity in a business did reflect in their business and sales process, the structure of the team and ultimately their ability to achieve consistent and predictable sales revenue.


Why Us?

SaaS and technology experience

After reviewing various sales consultancies, agencies and even looking to hire a Head of Sales at their early stage of growth. Sideways 6 selected Sales for Startups for their experience in B2B SaaS and technology, a deep understanding of the sales practices and disciplines needed and a clear plan on how to aid them in making their desired hire of a Head of Sales.

The Solution

The three step plan

Analysis – We conducted a full audit of the Sideways 6 business and found that there were major gaps in their Sales process. This was shown in the data and the review of the CRM. The stages were not clear and there was no working model for delivering value to prospects during the sales process. We also garnered clarity on what the real numbers were for close rate, deal value, time to close, number of opportunities and further trend analysis for the first time. We also looked at the connection between Product, Marketing, Sales and Customer Success and how they would communicate and share valuable information.

Plan – We created a 90-day plan to include improvements and training to the value proposition, a re-engineering of the sales process and the CRM to make it easier and clearer for the salespeople to follow. We also outlined sales opportunities with partners and how to divide the team and how to select, hire and onboard both Account Executive and Sales Development Representatives.

Execution – We supported Sideways 6 on a weekly basis to implement the planned changes and improvements for seven months after the initial project work. This included deal support, structural improvements, mentoring and coaching the salespeople and advising on key challenges on proposals and procurement.

Support – Our initial outcome was to select and hire a new Head of Sales. Now we will support the business with 2 days per month to help with company analysis, special projects and advise the CEO on key strategic decisions on sales and business development.

The Results

103% growth in revenue

Since going retained with Sideways 6 we have doubled their revenue. Particular highlights include increasing their average deal value by 103%, a 138% improvement in their average time to close a deal going from 9.5 to 4 months, 122% increase in their win rate from ‘Discovery Call’ to ‘Closed’ all in the space of 6 months. This represents a 183% year-on-year growth in invoiced revenue for the same period.

Will Read, Sideways 6 CEO

A word from the founder

“You gave us insight into our business that we hadn’t had previously seen in the last two years. James made sure that those newly created processes were lived, adhered and followed. We’ve doubled our revenue and I’ve been really pleased with the results and really excited about working with James as a Commercial Adviser over the long-term too.”

The next step

Feeling inspired?

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