Empower us to build your sales operation so you can increase revenue

Clarify Your Message • Hire The Right People • Convert More Leads


Embed Your Value Proposition

Onboard People Properly

Optimise Your Processes

If you’ve never done it before, building a sales operation is really difficult

We often hear Founders saying:

We often end up starting and not finishing

We go from one initiative to the next

We are not sure how to communicate our message

We haven’t hired salespeople before

We are struggling to get high quality applicants

We’re unsure on the right onboarding and commission plans

We are not getting quality leads consistently

We are not selling enough

We are not nurturing existing and new prospects.

Three simple steps to Building Sales Operations


Use your Sales Strategy & 90 Day Game Plan to focus on key priorities.


Implement your 90 Day Game Plan in agile two-week sprints led by your Sales for Startups CRO.


After building the foundations in your Proposition, People and Process we can lead your team to the next milestone.

Our Chief Revenue Officers know how to build sales operations at b2b tech companies

The Results

Install your upgraded value proposition

Develop pricing that people understand

Hire the crucial roles you need now

Optimise your lead generation

Improve your sales conversion

Extend your nurture process

How will you benefit?

Often when we review the sales operations of B2B tech companies, we see a lot of inconsistency, unpredictability and lack of clarity. This results in wasting time, money and runway on projects that don’t move the needle.

If you build your sales operations with Sales for Startups you can witness how strategies get put into action and increase predictable sales at your tech company.


We charge a project fee, with four milestones that are based on objectives being signed off and delivered to you as the client.

The average Seed company company who has worked with us in this phase has seen a 249% increase in revenue.

We don’t do the selling or lead generation ourselves. Our role is to build a self-sufficient and sustainable revenue operation, so whether that’s in-house staff or external agencies, we will recommend the most relevant option for you.

Our best clients are funded B2B tech companies between Pre-Seed to Series A who have their first paying customers and want to get to the next level. Additionally, the Founders we serve are typically not from a SaaS Sales and Marketing background.

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